Born and raised in France, Axelle currently lives and works in Savannah, GA.

Her artistic process began as a child while watching her grandfather painting. This experience, with the smell of turpentine forever anchored in her genes, Axelle started to draw and experiment with different artistic medias.  More than anything, she loved to make things.

After obtaining a bachelor's degree in comparative literature from the University of Strasbourg, Axelle began her postgraduate work studying the poems Logogrammes by Christian Dotremont, founder of the CoBrA art movement.  This research brought her closer to the visual art world, and reawakened her artistic passion.  She left academia behind and embraced the career of an artist.

Axelle has exhibited her work in Europe and in the USA. Her work can be found in private collections in France, Belgium, Great Britain (Taubman/ Tolkien family), New York City, and Los Angeles.

Nominated as one of best shows in 2015 by Savannah Morning News and the Savannah Art Informer

First Prize winner for her collage Bestiary II, she is also the recipient of an Honorable Mention Award for her collage Medusa and finalist of the International Contemporary Upcoming Artists Fomenar Prize 2016.

Guest juror at the juried art competition Pieced Together exhibition 2017, voted Best Art Show by Connect 





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Les Monstres qui parlent  cover, collaboration collage with Valerie etter.

Les Monstres qui parlent cover, collaboration collage with Valerie etter.



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Le Christ envisage  cover

Le Christ envisage cover

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